Healthcare IT

Managed IT services for healthcare businesses to create an optimized IT environment

Can your IT support keep up with your demands for performance and security to ensure you stay compliant?

Astari Networks provides healthcare IT support services and solutions critical for maintaining a stable computer environment, ensuring that your EMR/EHR systems are functioning properly.

Staying secure and compliant can seem complex, but our cost-effective managed IT solutions can meet the unique needs of your business. We can help you maintain regulatory compliance, consolidate your software spend, and migrate safely to the cloud, while keeping your patient data secure and accessible at all times.

We know the unique nature of healthcare and the challenges you face

Our Healthcare IT Services include:

Keeping mission-critical applications running reliably and smoothly

Meeting and maintaining HIPAA compliance

Ensuring you can recover quickly with robust backup and disaster recovery solutions

Complete system management with 24×7 support

Assessing and maintaining strong network security

Implementing ransomware, malware, and virus protection

We can handle all of your hardware, software, cloud computing, networking and cyber security needs.